Intro & Basics

Web is constantly and rapidly changing, as vehicle for social networking and mass distribution of content and information, and even as business platform tool. In these 20 years, it has been affected by countless technological enhancements, starting from Tim Berners-Lee's static pages to present-day web services and HTML5.

During this period of impressive growth, apps built for the mass market distribution have always had a slight advantage in time compared with the ones for business (e.g. CMS for websites and information portals Vs. Corporate intranets and Web access to Erp databases).

In the last 2/3 years, we have seen the rapid distribution of social networking tools (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, ..) and their rapid technical improvements, starting with purely web Html4 versions to Html5/Jquery/Mobile, with a progressive improvement of users experience.

Large distribution apps are defining again the guidelines for the future of business app (users are the same).. and above all ..Business moves faster than software developers.

What will be the web in the next 10 years?

We do not know, what we know at the moment is that we currently have a beta version - Eric Schmidt, Ceo di Google, 29-07-2012

The feeling of the Ilos' management team about today's market and opportunities is for a huge need for Web business applications whose data must be available both in "traditional web" (PC, browser, from the corporate offices of commercial / industrial / tertiary) as well as mobile environment (by collaborators "on field") Example: consulting, brokerage, marketing and sales representatives, ...

What we need?

  • A RAD tool

    A RAD tool (Rapid Application Development) for developing Web business applications available on all devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone …)

  • Distribution SAAS

    A fast distribution model with low commercial impact (Saas – “software as a service and direct selling on Web)

  • Our Approach

    ILOS seeks persistent and reliable value creation! We created Magic-Framework, a revolutionary platform to realize Html5 Web Applications more efficiently, saving time, money and stress. With Magic-Framework, development and maintenance costs are reduced up to 80% guaranteeing better looking P&Ls, growing margins and less hustles.

Technical innovation

  • Magic Framework

    Magic-Framework is NOT a code generator. Code generation suffers of many disadvantages, such as:

    • Does not reduce TCO. Maintenance costs are even higher than standard approaches since customizations made after the generation process are often lost if a new generation is necessary (i.e. after a new release of the development tool).

    • It is generally not possible to deploy the very same application to different formats/UI technologies (i.e. Web, Desktop, Mobile, …)

    • It does not reduce the amount of source code, but only the code that you have to write manually (still have to manage source code).

    The concept is to “feed” Magic-Framework with a Database schema in order to obtain and End to End application rendering, without generating the corresponding source code. At runtime, the Engine translates the application into Html5 pages, compatible with all available UI devices. Custom Plug-ins are supported in the application flow.

Download the official presentation of Magic-Framework (2493 Kb)